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Welcome to The Medical Community! 

Did you know the state of Illinois, Pennsylvania have a medical program where you can participate and find natural therapeutic relief? 

Our organization helps bring people together by developing communities, creating educational content, and making our members' voices heard.

In efforts to raise awareness about state's official program, we have teamed up with Compassionate Clinics of America, to start advocating in the local neighborhoods of Pittsburgh and Saxonburg for Pennsylvania, and Morris, West Dundee, Deerfield, Mundelein and Chicago, in Illinois!

Compassionate Clinics of America believe therapeutic benefits can be found from many alternative health practices, and have a mission to serve the public needs of natural health and wellness by guiding patients through the Illinois, and Pennsylvania medical programs.

Improving your quality of life really is possible, and thousand of our members on Facebook have already enrolled, so if you need local assistance or more information, s
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